the Blind from the Ghost Cave, New Warrior at Lokapala

cooperate PT.Melon Indonesia with Bumilangit Entertainment


Jakarta -In order to develop Indonesian intellectual property and as a form of commitment to create warrior based on indonesian history and mythology, PT. Melon Indonesia as the game publisher lokapala officially cooperated with Bumilangit Entertainment to present the character the Blind from the Ghost Cave, New Warrior at Lokapala as one of the warrior in Lokapala game.

the Blind from the Ghost Cave, New Warrior at Lokapala is the main character of the most phenomenal silat comic series in Indonesia titled “Si Buta dari Gua Hantu” created by Ganes TH. The comic series, which was first released in 1967, has printed up to 500 thousand copies and has been adapted into 7 feature films and 2 television series.

The story of the Blind from the Ghost Cave itself is motivated by a man named Barda Mandrawata who is forced to blind his eyes in order to defeat the Angel’s Eye, the powerful blind villain mandraguna who has caused the death of his father and Marni, his fiancée. Accompanied by his loyal monkey, Wanara, Barda travels to various corners of the archipelago and is involved in various historical events. He is armed with a stone stick, wears a fighting robe made of the guardian’s giant snake scales from the Ghost Cave, and has the ability to “see” with voice and heart. Therefore, Barda became known as a mighty warrior with the legendary name, “The Blind from the Ghost Cave”.

Now, after more than 50 years since its first release, The Blind from the Ghost Cave continues and is raised by young creators who have been engaged in the international world to become, among others, big-screen films that go into the Universe of Bumilangit Cinema, digital comics, and games. And coinciding with the anniversary of Ganes TH’s birth this July, the character of The Blind from the Ghost Cave as the champion figure is called by the Ancient Ones to fight alongside other Ksatriya in the world of Lokapala. He was appointed as one of warrior in lokapala e-sport game, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by Anantarupa Studios and published by PT Melon Indonesia as part of Telkom Group.

Bismarka Kurniawan, as Founder and CEO of Bumilangit Entertainment revealed, “The appointment of Si Buta from Gua Hantu in the original Indonesian game, Lokapala, became a momentum that local Indonesian original characters such as The Blind from the Ghost Cave can already be used by fans of its lovers in the form of cutting-edge digital games”.

“The Blind from the Ghost Cave has been born and known for more than 5 decades, and in this digital era the right time for Bumilangit collaborates with Melon Indonesia as one of the leading digital platform providers native to Indonesia, to further introduce and present this legendary character to the next generation of the nation” he continued.

Dedi Suherman as CEO of PT Melon Indonesia also added, “Many requests from the Gamers community, that they would love the original Indonesian characters to enter Lokapala Game and we see this as a potential slick cooperation with Bumilangit because the Blind from the Ghost Cave itself has also never been used as a character from any game”.

With the presence of the Blind from the Ghost Cave as warrior at Lokapala game, it is expected to make Indonesia’s creative industries can progress together for the better and also as a means for the development and addition of Indonesia’s intellectual property treasures in the future. “This cooperation is not limited to the game publishing business, but is open to other businesses in Melon Indonesia as a Digital Content and Entertainment Company such as music and OTT Video” continued Dedi.

Ivan Chen as CEO of PT Anantarupa explained, “Since the beginning of Anantarupa developing the concept of lokapala universe in order to collaborate with local IPs, our goal is how local IP can grow together and strengthen each other, in the midst of bombardier foreign IP industry is growing. The presence of Si Buta from Gua Hantu into Svaka Lokapala is one form of our vision, hopefully with this ecosystem of IP / content industry in Indonesia is growing so that the local IP industry can become a master in their own country”.