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Hwang In Youp to Visit Jakarta Through [2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta]

Hwang in youp

Hwang In Youp is South Korea’s rising actor, he will finally greet his fans in Indonesia through the first Asia fan meeting tour this August.

Hwang In Youp debuted in 2017 as a runway model before launching his acting career in 2018 with a lead role in Playlist Studio’s web drama, Why. He has been steadily growing his acting career since then and his name rose rapidly after his performance as the beloved second lead, Han Seo Jun, in drama adaptation of the highly popular webtoon, True Beauty, which started airing in late 2020. Hwang In Youp recently strengthen his position as a trending young actor by leading Netflix’s series, The Sound of Magic, and Why Her, which just started last 3 June on SBS.

The 2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta is confirmed to be held on 6 August 2022 at The Kasablanka Hall, Jakarta.

There will be 4 categories available for the 2022 HWANG IN YOUP 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta with ticket prices ranging from 1.2 to 2.7 million Rupiah with tons of benefits. Each category comes with varied benefits on top of different visibility levels. Details of benefits for each category are as below:

• Lumos

o Price: Rp 2,700,000
o Benefits:
▪ Guaranteed best seats
▪ Chance for 1:1 fan signing event lucky draw*
▪ Chance for Hi-Bye session lucky draw*
▪ Guaranteed special gift
▪ Chance for limited signed poster lucky draw
▪ Chance for limited signed polaroid lucky draw
▪ Official A3 event poster**

• Royal

o Price: Rp 2,400,000
o Benefits:
▪ Chance for Hi-Bye session lucky draw
▪ Chance for limited signed poster lucky draw
▪ Chance for limited signed polaroid lucky draw
▪ Official A3 event poster**

• Centrum

o Price: Rp 1,700,000
o Benefits:
▪ Chance for limited signed poster lucky draw
▪ Chance for limited signed polaroid lucky draw
▪ Official A3 event poster**

• Retro

o Price: Rp 1,200,000
o Benefits:
▪ Chance for limited signed poster lucky draw
▪ Chance for limited signed polaroid lucky draw
▪ Official A3 event poster**
The local promoter, Lumina Entertainment, will open ticket sales on 25 June at official ticketing partner, Tiket.com. Tickets can be bought through both Tiket.com official website and mobile apps.
*Lumos ticket holders will get either fan-signing or Hi-Bye access and there is no chance they will get both.
**All audiences are entitled to get an official event poster, which can be obtained at the designated booth.

CORN OIL is alternative the scarcity of cooking oil!


Palm oil is one of the sources of vegetable which is currently the main and superior agricultural commodity in Indonesia. Palm Oil has a strategic role in economic development in Indonesia; namely as the main raw material for cooking oil, the mainstay of export agricultural commodities as well as creating job opportunities as well as improving people’s welfare.

Among these quite strategic roles, there is the problem of scarcity & spike in cooking oil prices that will occur at the end of 2021 and will continue until the end of March 2022, even though the government has issued several policies to overcome these problems.

There are 3 policies issued by the government, firstly subsidizing packaged cooking oil with palm oil plantation funds managed by the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS); The two regulations of the Minister of Trade (Permendag) No. 1 of 2022 concerning the supply of simple packaged cooking oil for the needs of the community in the context of financing by the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency which was later changed to Permendag No. 3 of 2022 & Minister of Trade Regulation No. 6 of 2022 concerning the Determination of the Highest Retail Price (HTE) for Cooking Oil, the three Jokowis issued a policy to prohibit the export of Palm Oil (Crode Palm Iol/Cpo) and Cooking Oil.

However, this policy has not been able to answer the problem of the scarcity of cooking oil that occurs. In fact, there are still queues that occur everywhere to get cooking oil. other causes Crode Palm Oil (CPO) entrepreneurs play the Domestic Market Obligation (DMO) rules. Entrepreneurs export more CPO because prices abroad are higher, this makes domestic supply not as expected.

There are other factors that cause oil scarcity, namely the increase in the price of CPO (Crude Palm Oil) vegetable oil in the world market and the government is also considered less in favor of the food industry in terms of palm oil which makes the trend of palm oil consumption shift to the biodiesel industry. The government plans a B30 program that requires mixing 30% diesel with 70% diesel, as well as distribution and logistics which can result in only a few cooking oil producers in some areas.

As a result, the price of vegetable oil on the world market increases so that entrepreneurs and farmers prefer to export their products which look profitable. However, if this is sustainable, the domestic supply of oil will decrease, so that the ban on palm oil exports will cause the price of palm oil to fall. Oil palm farmers are nervous about the situation where the domestic price of palm oil does not increase while the fertilizer they use has actually increased, oil palm farmers hope that fertilizer prices will return to normal so that these oil palm farmers do not experience losses.

To sustain oil production from scarcity we need to improve care in oil palm cultivation. Boiler ash can be used as a substitute for inorganic fertilizers for oil palm. Boiler ash contains macro and micro nutrients as well as pH, CEC and organic C which can support the vegetative and generative growth of oil palm. This fertilization can be given every 6 months with a usage rate of about 6 kg/plant by sowing it on the disc area.
As a cadet of the Faculty of Military Logistics, the Dryland Agricultural Cultivation Study Program of the Defense University of the Republic of Indonesia has an important role in dealing with the problem of palm oil scarcity, where we as a young generation must have the copyright to create substitute materials for making palm oil such as cultivating corn which is can be used as an alternative material to replace palm oil which contains high linoleic acid which is important for metabolic function and has relatively higher oxidation stability and high nutritional quality so that it can be used as an alternative to cooking oil.

“NOGIZAKA46 Midsummer National Tour 2021 FINAL!” TO STREAM OVERSEAS


The 2021 summer tour “NOGIZAKA46 Midsummer National Tour 2021 FINAL!” started in July in Osaka, completing 8 performances in 4 cities from Osaka to Miyagi, Aichi to Fukuoka to reach this tour final Tokyo Dome performance.

This performance was originally scheduled on Sep 8th-9th which postponement was announced in view of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Although this year’s tour final was in danger of being canceled, it has been decided to be held on Saturday, November 20th and Sunday, November 21st, under restrictions to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, such as admission restrictions, wearing masks, and prohibition of loud cheering, in accordance with the guidelines announced by the government.

On 9/22 (Wednesday), during the postponement of the tour final, NOGIZAKA46 ‘s 28th single “Kimi ni Shikarareta” was released.

The event will also stream live overseas via Stagecrowd, so don’t miss this opportunity to witness the new NOGIZAKA46 with Haruka Kaki as the new center!

NOGIZAKA46 Midsummer National Tour 2021 FINAL!

Nov 20th (Sat) Open 3:30PM/Start 6PM (JST)
Nov 21st (Sun) Open 3:30PM/Start 6PM(JST)
Repeated stream starts from 10PM(JST) on each date

◆Streaming Ticket:Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, Thai, Korea, UK, Germany, Mexico, Brazil and others
Ticket Price: 4,600 JPY
Streaming Platform: Stagecrowd
Ticket URL:https://bit.ly/NOGIZAKA46Summer2021
*Tickets sales to start from Nov 6th (Sat) 6PM(JST)

◆Merch Goods:Available in Taiwan only
Merch Goods Sales URL:https://bit.ly/NOGIZAKA46SummerMerch

★Nogizaka 46
Official Site: http://www.nogizaka46.com/
YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/nogizaka46SMEJ

To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary Since The Manga “LUPIN Ⅲ” Was Animated, About 1,200 Songs and 75 Works Which Were Created by Great Master Legend Yuji Ohno Have Started to be Released on Music Streaming


Composer Yuji Ohno’s impressive 1,200 songs have started to be released to the world through music streaming and downloading services. One of his songs, “The theme of LUPIN Ⅲ”  is like a national theme song since every single Japanese person knows it.

What is “LUPIN Ⅲ”?

“LUPIN Ⅲ” is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Monkey Punch. It follows the escapades of master thief Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief of Maurice Leblanc’s series of novels.

©Monkey Punch/TMS・NTV

Yuji Ohno is 80 years old this year. He is a composer and a Jazz pianist and is still active in the Japanese music scene. He is a very important figure and can’t be missed in the industry of  accompaniment for Japanese anime, movies, and TV commercials.

He was the pioneer for creating fusion and jazz music before it became very popular in Japan. And his sound is so original and special for its lyricism and its feeling of grandeur.

All of his 75 works are being released now. Which includes the soundtrack of “LUPIN Ⅲ” TV anime series from part 2 to part 6, and Hayao Miyazaki’s timeless masterpiece movie

“LUPIN Ⅲ, The Castle of Cagliostro (1979) ”.

Many fantastic artists have worked on his music. The list of artists and singers include Sandii, BOBBY, Sonia Rosa, Hatsumi Shibata, Tommy Snyder (Godiego), Miki Imai, Tomoyo Harada and Miyuki Sawashiro. To commemorate the release, the special playlist of “LUPIN Ⅲ” is now available through various services includes Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

And also to commemorate its 50th anniversary since the manga was animated, the latest TV series of  “LUPIN Ⅲ, part 6” has been broadcasted!

The prior release of the ‘THEME FROM LUPIN Ⅲ 2021’ from the latest sound track has started.The arrangement is cool and bold with the influence of jazz and rock. The song is perfect to celebrate its special year.

The music of “LUPIN Ⅲ” has been a hot topic this year. Let’s enjoy the sound of the music with the animation! The song has been loved in the world and it still never goes out of style.

★Here is the link to the artists page


~“LUPIN Ⅲ” special play list has been released ~

Listen on Spotify  https://spoti.fi/LupintheThird

Yuji Ohno Official Twitter https://twitter.com/lupinjazz(@lupinjazz)

Yuji Ohno Official YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_4eOFXyxfxh_hrvFD1fhzA

★Information for the latest album

“LUPIN THE THIRD, PART6~LONDON” Original Soundtrack 1 Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six Release date:November the 3rd (Wednesday) 2021

Album is available for purchase through CD JAPAN(Overseas shipping abavailble)https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VPCG-83549?s_ssid=e33d596168b110f5aa

Tik Tok Becomes the Main Trend of Social Media in Next Year


Jakarta, October 21, 2021 – Talkwalker, the world’s number one consumer intelligence company and HubSpot, a customer relationship management (CSR) platform, released the latest Global Social Media Trends Report. Based on this report, Tik Tok is predicted to be the main trend of social media next year. This report also shows a number of interesting findings that brands need to pay attention to in the next year as social media trends will be driven by consumers.

The pandemic has accelerated the consumer era, and in order to survive, brands need to anticipate and respond to consumer demand, because now the consumer is in control. The current global situation is both challenging and offers opportunities for certain companies to advance. The top trends and consumer insights in this report will help top global marketers and brands plan successful strategies for 2022.

Elena Melnikova, CMO of Talkwalker said consumers have taken control, with more demand, urgency and uncertainty. “Consumers are driving trends this year, but we are giving brands the power to take over. By uncovering the 2022 trends using accelerated consumer intelligence and inspiring steps, Talkwalker is enabling brands to drive business value next year and beyond.”

“The turbulence of events in the past 18 months has created widespread uncertainty for marketers across the industry. While we are starting to see signs of improvement with some of the major brands showing recovery from the effects of the pandemic, knowing trends to define the coming year is one of the best ways marketing leaders can deal with ongoing uncertainty and prepare for team success in 2022.” explains Susanne Ronqvist Ahmadi, VP of International Marketing at HubSpot.

Supported by an advanced content personalization system, TikTok can help brands gain exposure, connect and interact with quality audiences, therefore Tiktok’s popularity continues to rise globally, including in Indonesia. Funny and light content makes Tik Tok the most popular social media in Indonesia. Cassandra Tan, Head of Insights & Analytics at Universal Music Group, Southeast Asia & Korea explains that TikTok has resulted in a shift from enjoyment to creation.

There is no “formula” in making “proper” posts. As a platform that
promotes diversity, TikTok encourages its users to present
their own image without thinking too much about meeting certain standards. Anyone can be a creator or trendsetter. “With this democratization, content becomes more hyperlocal and develops into ‘cash’, as Indonesians say, which is funny and light content,” said Cassandra.

Besides Tik Tok, another important trend in 2022 is the metaverse – an amalgamation of the physical, augmented and virtual worlds. Led by the gaming industry, the metaverse is gaining momentum amid our new, limited reality of face-to-face interaction.

Like many other trends that will determine the direction of trends in 2022, the emergence of virtual reality is spearheaded by the younger generation. This growing trend is proof that offline and online experiences are slowly converging, creating more opportunities for brands.

The report also highlights the importance of brand inclusiveness. Companies can no longer
create their products or services and not engage on topics that matter to their audiences.