BerandaFun GimFun Game [EN]"Backrooms Break" Released, Destroy Everything in "The Backrooms"

“Backrooms Break” Released, Destroy Everything in “The Backrooms”

Jan Jileček, an independent game developer from the Czech Republic, has just launched a demolition simulation game set in liminal spaces called “Backrooms Break” for PC users.

This game is set in “The Backrooms” and “Poolrooms,” two liminal spaces where everything from entities to structures is completely destroyed.

Destroy your fears with shocking violence, demolish walls and entities indiscriminately! “The Backrooms,” a liminal space that feels inorganic and frightening, becomes the scene of massive destruction. Walls, furnishings, and even hostile entities are powerless against our hammer weapon.

Strikes leave large holes in walls, and desks and chairs shatter into pieces. Of course, entities also cannot escape this brutality. If close combat seems ineffective? It’s time for firearms. This modern weapon can be upgraded to further enhance its power. Equipped with bullets and healing items, there is nothing left to fear.

From shape-shifting mimics, crawlers, skull scythes, to spitters, various enemies appear, but they need not be regarded. With powerful weapons, they can only submit to the overwhelming violence displayed. The liminal space demolition simulation “Backrooms Break” is now available on PC through Steam and Epic Games as a retort to all the fears previously experienced.

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