10th Korean Culture Day: Indonesian Artist Guest Star

mediahavefun.com – Himpunan Mahasiswa Koreanologi Program Studi Bahasa dan Kebudayaan Korea Universitas Indonesia proudly present 10th Korean Culture Day’s Indonesian artist Guest star:
It will be big and better as we say so. Rizky Febian is one of the most popular male singer this year and he will be there to light up your dreams!
Date : Saturday, June 30th 2018
Place : Balairung UI, Depok
With his sweet voice and his top hits from “Kesempurnaan Cinta”, “Cukup Tau” to his latest release “Indah Pada Waktunya” we will guarantee you’ll have the time of your life!
We have prepared this exclusively just for you and there might be more surprises to come!
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